The best way to grow regular giving in your church.

Increase the budget by 22% or more. Proven plan. Minimal investment.

Imagine if regular giving increased in your church by 22% over the next 12 months. What kind of ministry would that enable? How many more people could you reach?

The church should be the most well-funded organization in your community.

But most churches struggle to meet budget and many pastors are poorly equipped to lead the church to financial health. The result is a stewardship struggle and lost ministry opportunities. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Introducing Fully Funded

Fully Funded is the only program that combines practical coaching, time-saving resources, and personal help. It’s a total generosity system for your church. It’s a proven financial plan that will result in confidence and clarity. It’s a brand new approach that results in a fully funded ministry.

Old Way
  • Preach on money when the offering is low or the budget is tight.
  • Finance team meetings focused on cutting expenses.
  • Donors who give because they are supposed to.
  • Offering times that lack purpose and excitement.
  • An exhausted Pastor who carries all the weight of the financial situation.
  • A confident communication and preaching plan.
  • Finance team meetings focused on growth and vision for the future.
  • Donors who give because they want to.
  • Offering times that are clear and intentional celebrations.
  • Empowered leaders who help share the load of fully funding the church.
Carey Nieuwhof
Founding and Teaching Pastor

Connexus Church has utilized key principles taught by Fully Funded with tremendous results - especially in the area of increasing our regular giving. From personal help to our church to issuing 90-day giving challenges and from Financial Learning Experiences to personal finance stewardship resources, it has been so helpful. I would recommend this to any church.

What You Get

Fully Funded is a 16-module online course plus a 12-month community membership. You’ll get EVERYTHING you need to lead your church in strategic, generous giving, including…

  • 16 modules of practical coaching to help you lead a fully funded ministry.
  • 44+ Documents, Spreadsheets and Templates to help you organize and streamline your entire financial ministry.
  • A proven financial plan that will help you raise the money you need to do the ministry you’re called to do.
  • A ministry partner who will help you develop your plan (that’s us!) and membership in a community of pastors and leaders who understand what you do.
  • A money message series, complete with sermon transcripts, graphics, video and print collateral.
  • Access to a coach who has helped hundreds of pastors just like you raise money and navigate church financial issues.


High Quality, Hi-def Videos

44 +

Documents & Resources


Community of pastors to push you forward

Who Needs This?

Senior Pastors

who want the church to maximize influence in the community and reach more people with the gospel.

Executive Pastors

who are charged with the task of creating solid systems and managing the financial ministries of the church.

Finance & Stewardship Teams

who provide oversight, accountability and governance to the church.

No matter your size, denomination, or structure, we will help you identify a point leader who will help you implement healthy changes. Everyone on your team can access the resources and work together.

Practical Coaching and Time Saving Resources

The core coaching is delivered through 16 practical modules, each with video training and ready-to use resources.

Module 1
An Overview of the Grow Giving Process
Module 2
The Principles of Financial Leadership
Module 3
Where are you now and where are you going?
Module 4
Setting Financial Goals
Module 5
Developing Your Fully Funded Plan
Module 6
Clarify and Cast a Vision That Motivates People to Give
Module 7
A Money Message Series that Gets Results
Module 8
Tools You Can Use to Increase Giving
Module 9
Set Up the Offering Every Week
Module 10
Help Your Congregation WIN with Money
Module 11
A Proven Thank You System
Module 12
Special Offerings that Work (and don’t canabalize regular giving)
Module 13
How to Properly Leverage Online Giving
Module 14
Giving Your Church a Giving Challenge
Module 15
A Budget Process You’ll Actually Enjoy
Module 16
A Systems Check Up to Help You Fine Tune Your Processes

In addition to all of these modules, you’ll get a membership in the Fully Funded Community. That includesweekly giving scripts to help you set up the offering time in your church service, office hours where you can ask your personal questions and get one-on-one help, and an invite to our private forum where you can get and/or share ideas.

One Powerful Resource in Two Parts

When you join, you’ll get access to the Fully Funded Course. You’ll go through all 16 modules of core training and get all the resources that come with the course.

The course comes with:

  • 16 modules of practical coaching, delivered in strategic order over 12 months.
  • 44+ of documents, templates, resources to help you take action.
  • Printed materials to help you go through the training with your team.
  • A welcome kit in the mail with valuable resources.
  • A one-on-one orientation call to help you get started.

You’ll also get a one year membership in theFully Funded Community. At the end of a year, your membership can continue at a highly reduced rate.

The membership comes with:

  • Weekly giving scripts you can use to set up the offering in your church.
  • Office Hours where you can talk to someone about your unique issue or struggle.
  • The member’s only forum. A brand new money message series every year.

The Fully Funded Program Delivers Maximum Value

Churches who go through the Fully Funded program can expect as much as 22% increase in regular giving. That makes the Fully Funded program a valuable investment rather than an expense. But to make it easy on the budget, we’ve created three ways to pay.

  • $129/mo for 12 months
  • Content is Released 1 Month at a Time
  • The Money Message Series
  • Welcome Kit
  • Orientation Call
  • One Year Membership Included
Get Started
One Time Payment
  • 1 Single Payment of $1198
  • Immediate Access to All 16 Modules
  • The Money Message Series
  • Welcome Kit
  • Orientation Call
  • One Year Membership Included
Purchase Now

Attending a conference with a few people from your church could cost $2,000 or more. Chances are, you’ll end up with a lot of inspiration but take very little action. Fully Funded is a much better value, and a resource you can share with your entire team.

Or you could hire a consultant to come in and help. You’ll get personal help, but that comes with a hefty price tag. With Fully Funded, you’ll get the same training we deliver in person but at a fraction of the price.

Finally, you can keep doing what you’re doing and keep getting the same results. When you consider what it’s costing you to stay the same, we think you’ll agree Fully Funded is worth the investment. For most churches, one new family who starts giving more than covers the cost.

Four Ways You Can Use Fully Funded in Your Church

  • 1
    Watch on your own.

    Access the content online and watch from any device. Download resources to your computer and use them to lead your church and increase regular giving.

  • 2
    Watch with your team.

    The Fully Funded program is perfect to use in staff meetings or with a small group of financial leaders. In fact, early in the program, we will help you identify a Fully Funded Champion who can help you take action.

  • 3
    Use the resources in your finance team meetings.

    Most finance team meetings are full of reports and cost-saving discussions. Those aren’t bad but they aren’t enough. With Fully Funded, your financial team will be able to focus on the vision of the church and play a vital part in increasing regular giving.

  • 4
    Organize a Fully Funded retreat.

    Set aside two days and pull the right people together and go through the material at one time.

The life cycle of generosity in your church is a lot like the life cycle of a farmer planting corn.

* If you skip any one of these steps, you’re not going to have a fully funded church.

Prepare – Before there is a harvest and planting someone has to prepare the ground. We are going to help you prepare the ground.

Plant – What you reap is entirely dependent on what you sow. In this part of the grow giving process we are going to talk about how to plant the seeds of generosity in your church.

Grow – Just like a seed grows into a plant. We are going to help you grow giving in your church in a healthy way with specific tools. Just like a farmer has special fertilizer, tractors, and staff we will show you the tools to grow financial leaders.

Harvest – This is where seasons of work pay off. Where we talk about how to receive and offering and how to receive special offering. How to maximize the offering.

Rest – One of the keys to a good harvest is giving the ground time to rest. Your church needs planned time to rest, when you pray and prepare for the next growing season. We’ll help you know what to do during this time.

Need approval?

Download a one-page PDF to share with your Finance Team or Board.

A New ‘Money Message’ Series When You Start
(and Every Year After That)

When you sign up you’ll get immediate access to this money message series. It’s got graphics and videos, countdown timers and video bumpers, message outlines and transcripts, and lower thirds and PowerPoint files.

Preach the series whenever it fits or joins hundreds of others teaching the series in February of 2017. And here’s the best news…you’ll get a brand new money message series EVERY YEAR.

When You Join Fully Funded, You’ll Also Learn From Other Great Leaders
Jeff Maness Lead pastor,
Element Church
Carey Nieuwhof Teaching Pastor,
Connexxus Church
Ike Reighard Senior Pastor,
Piedmont Church
Tony Morgan Founder,
The Unstuck Group

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1
    What’s the difference between the course and the membership?

    The core training is a 16-module online course with lots of coaching and resources for your team. You move through it one module at a time and it will give you a solid financial strategy to lead your church.

    The membership comes with weekly giving scripts, other timely content tied to the calendar, access to dedicated office hours and the private member’s group. You’ll get one year of the membership program when you enroll in the course, and when the core course is complete, you’ll have the option to continue your membership at a discounted rate.

  • 2
    Will this work at my church?

    We’ve helped small churches, large churches and mega-churches create a healthy financial plan. We’ve worked with Baptist Churches, non-denominational churches, Presbyterian churches and African-American churches. In other words, we’re confident this material will help your church develop happy givers.

  • 3
    How do I access all the resources?

    You’ll access all of the content on our private membership website using a unique login and password. From there, you can download the videos and resources to any device.

  • 4
    Will I get personal coaching?

    The Fully Funded program comes with a 16-module core course in addition to the membership program. That membership program includes access to office hours, where you can get personal help to any issue you’re facing. You’ll also be invited to participate in our private, members-only Facebook group, where you can share and get advice from other pastors. Finally, you can email us anytime.

  • 5
    How do I sell my board on purchasing this?

    Here’s a one page PDF you can share with your board in order to secure approval. Remember, your fully funded purchase comes with our one year guarantee. At the end of the program, if you’re not satisfied with your results, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

  • 6
    What can I expect?
    • An increase in overall, regular giving. Fully Funded is not a capital campaign. It’s a generosity system to help you increase regular giving. Go through this program and you can expect a significant increase to the overall church budget.
    • Happy givers. Many churches are full of reluctant givers, but this program will show you how to lead a church full of happy givers. And happy givers lead to a fully funded church.
    • Increased engagement from your staff, leaders and congregation. When your team gets on the same page and embraces their individual roles in the funding process, your church will experience greater generosity.
    • Healthy systems and processes for all the key components of a generosity system. You won’t wonder what to do anymore; you’ll have everything you need in place.
    • Financial confidence. Your leaders will have confidence in their ability to lead, your donors will trust their contributions are making a significant difference, and your church will have confidence in the overall ministry to the community.
  • 7
    How does it work?

    The Fully Funded program comes your way in two parts. First, there’s a 16-module course. It’s everything you need to know about leading a financially healthy church. This is core content and practical resources to help you put a financial plan in place. When you join, you’ll get lifetime access to this content.

    Second, there’s the Fully Funded membership. This is timely content to help you know what to do right now. Membership includes weekly giving scripts, access to office hours where you can get personal coaching, and membership in our private community where you can learn and share with other Fully Funded leaders. Your membership is free for the first year and can continue after at a dramatically reduced rate.

  • 8
    Who is behind this?

    Joe Sangl
    Joe is a leading teacher of personal finances. It is his passion to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances. He has taught thousands of people through the Financial Learning Experience, financial coaching sessions, and personal finance messages.

    Michael Lukaszewski
    Michael is the Founder and CEO of Church Fuel. He’s been a youth pastor, church planter, senior pastor and church consultant. He’s a graduate of Florida State University and did post-graduate work at Liberty. Today, he writes books and articles and helps create courses for church leaders. He’s married to Jennie and they have three children.

Financial Training and Resources for Your Whole Church
  • The Pastor will get the tools and training needed to lead with confidence.
  • Church Staff will be alighned and involved in the funding process.
  • A Fully Funded Champion will be identified and appointed to help lead necessary changes.
  • The Bookkeeper will get much-needed support and in turn, make everyone’s lives better.
  • The Finance Team and Stewardship Committee will embrace their roles as generosity champions.
  • The entire congregation will be better equipped to WIN with money and the church will be able to do more ministry in the community.
Five Things We Believe About Money and the Church

If we’re going to invite you to be a part of our family, we think it’s only right that we let you know where we’re coming from.

  • Money is a spiritual issue not just a financial one. 17 of 38 parables of Jesus involved money.
  • Happy givers lead to fully funded churches.
  • There’s no harvest if you do not invest. 2 Cor. 9:6. Are you investing in your people. From, not for. You cannot prosper if you do not save.
  • The importance of the mission should be reflected in the depth of the plan. NASA’s JUNO spacecraft
  • God’s economy is never in recession. No matter what’s going on in the economy or with the next election.

If you go through the Fully Funded program and don't experience an increase in regular giving by at least 2x the price you pay in the giving year in the next budget, we will refund twice the amount of your investment.

Grow Your Giving Video Series

Get instant access to our grow giving process and take step one in your church becoming Fully Funded

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